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Tel: 01905 330600
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Our Training Programme

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Participants   in   the   Wood   be   Handy   scheme   will   initially   need   to   commit   to,   and   complete,   an   induction   programme   of approximately   6-12   weeks   (depending   on   the   individual)   with   the   minimum   commitment   of   any   participant   being   6   weeks. During   this   time,   participants   will   be   assessed   and   offered   an   employment   opportunity   that   matches   their   skills   set   and   interests. During induction, participants will undertake some basic training around the areas of: Health & Safety in the workplace Work ethics Personal hygiene in the workplace Presentation & Professionalism Following instructions Managing work routines & regime, etc. On completing their induction, participants will then be offered genuine employment through one of our contracts. At present these include: Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Ironing General Garden Maintenance General Domestic Maintenance/Handyman Activities Carpentry/Woodwork producing bird boxes, planters, etc. Restoring garden furniture Driveway/Block Paving/Patio Cleaning and Refurbishment We are hoping to expand opportunities available over the next 12 months to include: Catering Retail Craft based product making (hand bags, etc.) Wherever   possible   and   if   appropriate,   participants   will   be   offered   the   opportunity   to   gain   work-based   qualifications   through   the Qualifications   and   Credit   Framework   (QCF)   scheme   with   one   of   our   external   training   provider   partners.   This   means   that participants   can   be   work-fit   and   qualified   in   readiness   for   them   being   able   to   access   open   employment   should   this   be   an   option for them in the longer term.
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