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Tel: 01905 330600
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Trainee Stories

Andrew,   who   is   profoundly   deaf   and   autistic,   has   been   living   at   the   Broad   Group   Home   in   Bath   Road   for   20 years.      When   we   first   had   the   idea   of   Wood   be   Handy   we   realised   that   Andrew   would   be   the   perfect candidate for a trainee; he loves to keep busy and loves being outdoors. With   the   right   guidance   and   training   Andrew   has   managed   to   turn   his   hand   to   many   of   the   services   that Wood   be   Handy   provides,   but   has   shown   a   real   talent   for   woodworking   and   has   produced   some   really lovely bird boxes and garden planters. Andrew is thoroughly enjoying his outdoor activities, despite the "Summer of 2012" we are having!! “My   name   is   Leo   and   I   am   42   years   old.   For   the   last   few   months   I   have   been   working   for   Wood be   Handy.   I   have   learned   to   do   new   things   like   window   cleaning   with   a   pole   fed   system.   We use special water from a tank for this and long poles and brushes. I   like   cleaning   windows   but   my   favourite   work   is   gardening.   I   have   done   lots   of   work   in different   people's   gardens.   I   travel   there   in   the   van   with   my   support   worker   and   friend,   Ben, and   we   take   all   the   things   we   need   with   us.   Because   I   am   deaf   and   use   sign   language   Ben helps   me   to   talk   to   the   customers.   I   think   they   like   learning   about   how   I   communicate.   I   like meeting new people and it has made me feel more confident. I   work   hard   to   make   the   gardens   look   nice   and   tidy.   This   year   I   have   put   up   new   fences, painted   old   fences,   built   greenhouses,   laid   turf   and   done   lots   of   digging,   planting   and   weeding.   It   is   hard   work   but   I   am   fit   and strong   and   I   enjoy   it.   I   feel   very   proud   of   my   work   when   the   job   is   finished   and   the   customers   are   always   really   pleased   with what I've done.” “My   name   is   Colin   and   I   am   37   years   old.   I   help   Ben   to   tidy   up   people's   gardens   and   I   am   in charge of weeding. I also help bagging the weeds and the grass which Ben mows. We   travel   in   the   Wood   be   Handy   van   and   help   old   ladies   who   are   too   old   to   garden. Sometimes it's hot and sunny, sometimes it rains. I   like   Wood   be   Handy,   I   see   different   places   and   I   like   Ben.   I   clean   Ben's   van   and   vacuum   it too.”
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