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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use 1. BINDING AGREEMENT   PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ADEPT ABILITY LIMITED WEB SITE USE AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE. This Agreement   is   a   binding   legal   contract   between Adept Ability   Limited   ("we",   "us"   or   "our")   and   you   ("you"   or   "your")   that   governs   your   use   of   one   or   more   of Adept Ability   Limited's professional   portals,   including,   without   limitation,   all   content   such   as   text,   information,   images,   applications   and   audio   (collectively,   "Content")   and   all   services   ("Services")   made available   to   you   through   the   Adept   Ability   Limited   professional   portals   by   us   and/or   third   parties   (this   Site   and   the   Content   and   Services   are   collectively   referred   to   herein   as   the "Site").   "Site"   refers   to   the   pages   within   the   Adept   Ability   Limited   website.?By   using   the   Adept   Ability   Limited   website   in   any   manner   whatsoever,   you   indicate   your   conclusive acceptance of this Agreement. If you do not agree to this Agreement, do not access or use this Site in any manner whatsoever. 2. Your Use of Content The   Content   within   the   Site   includes   copyrighted   works   proprietary   to   us   or   to   third   parties   who   have   provided   us   with   Content   ("Content   Providers").   You   may   download   and   print   a single   copy   of   the   Content   solely   for   your   internal   non-commercial   use,   provided   that   such   Content   must   not   be   altered   in   any   way   and   must   contain   all   copyright   and   proprietary rights   notices   that   accompany   such   Content.   ANY   UNAUTHORISED   OR   UNAPPROVED   USE   OF   ANY   OF   THE   CONTENT   CONSTITUTES   COPYRIGHT   INFRINGEMENT   AND SUBJECTS    YOU   AND    YOUR    SUBSCRIBER    OR    EMPLOYER    TO   ALL    CIVIL   AND    CRIMINAL    PENALTIES    PROVIDED    FOR    UNDER    DOMESTIC   AND    INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK, AND OTHER LAWS AND TREATIES. RSS   feeds   of   content   headlines,   limited   text   and   a   source   link   ("RSS   Content")   are   available   for   downloading   and   displaying   in   their   original   form.   You   must   use   the   RSS   feeds   as provided   by Adept Ability   Limited,   and   you   may   not   edit   or   modify   the   text,   content   or   links   supplied   by Adept Ability   Limited   which   link   to   reader   to   access   the   original   full   length   article on   Adept   Ability   Limited   ("Source   Content").   The   RSS   Content   may   only   be   used   with   platforms   that   display   a   functional   link   that   when   accessed,   takes   the   viewer   directly   to   the Source   Content   on Adept Ability   Limited. You   may   not   use   RSS   Content   in   a   way   that   does   not   directly   link   to   the   Source   Content   on Adept Ability   Limited,   including   the   use   of   redirect links, intermediate pages, splash pages, or other means that is not directly linking to the original Source Content on Adept Ability Limited 3. Intellectual Property Ownership You   agree   that   we   (or   our   Content   Providers)   own   all   worldwide   rights,   titles   and   interests   in   and   to   the   Site   and   all   intellectual   property   rights   therein.   No   other   rights   or   licenses, whether express, implied, arising by estoppel, or otherwise are conveyed or intended by this Agreement. 4. Interactive Areas You   may   be   permitted   to   access   and   use   the   user   generated   content   systems   such   as;   discussion   forums,   blogging   systems,   provider   ratings   and   reviews,   and   other   forms   of electronic   communications   available   through   the   Site   ("Interactive Areas").   If   you   participate   in   or   use   any   Interactive Area,   you   are   responsible   for   your   own   communications   and   the consequences   of   posting   your   communications.   If   you   choose   to   post   material   using   such   Interactive Areas,   you   agree   to   do   so   solely   for   lawful   purposes   and   in   compliance   with   all applicable   laws.   You   expressly   agree   that   we   have   no   responsibility   for   or   control   over   the   content   you   may   post   on   or   using   these   Interactive Areas.   We   make   no   representation   that your   use   of   the   Interactive Areas   will   comply   with   applicable   laws   or   that   they   were   designed   to   comply   with   the   applicable   laws.   You   also   expressly   agree   that   you   will   not   post   any material   that:   (1)   is   defamatory,   libelous,   abusive,   or   obscene,   including,   without   limitation,   material   which   encourages   conduct   that   would   constitute   a   criminal   offense,   give   rise   to civil   liability   or   otherwise   violate   any   applicable   local,   state,   federal,   or   international   law;   (2)   infringes   on   the   copyright   or   any   other   proprietary   right   of   a   third   party;   (3)   would   invade the   privacy   of   any   other   person;   (4)   is   intended   to   advertise   to   or   solicit   others   without   our   express   permission;   (5)   constitutes   charity   solicitations,   chain   letters   or   pyramid   schemes; (6)   contains   a   virus,   worm,   trojan   horse,   time   bomb,   or   any   other   harmful   program   or   component;   or   (7)   does   not   generally   pertain   to   the   designated   topic   or   theme   of   the   Site.   You further   expressly   agree   that   you   will   not:   (a)   after   receiving   warning,   continue   to   post   material   which   we   have   advised   you   not   to   post;   (b)   create   a   false   identity   or   forged   e-mail address   or   header,   or   otherwise   attempt   to   mislead   others   as   to   the   identity   of   the   sender   or   the   origin   of   the   message;   (c)   post,   generate   or   disseminate   so-called   "spam"   or   mass- mailings;   (d)   harvest   or   otherwise   collect   information   about   others,   including   email   addresses,   without   their   consent;   (e)   interfere   with   or   disrupt   networks   connected   to   the   Site,   or used   for   purposes   of   delivering   the   Content   or   the   Services   (or   violate   the   regulations,   policies   or   procedures   of   such   networks);   (f)   attempt   to   gain   unauthorised   access   to   restricted areas   of   the   Site,   computer   systems   or   networks   connected   to   the   Site,   through   password   mining   or   any   other   means;   or   (g)   interfere   with   another   user's   use   and   enjoyment   of   the Site.   When   posting   a   review   or   rating   about   a   product,   service   or   provider   listed   on   the   Site,   your   comments   must   be   specific,   written   from   your   personal   experience   and   intended   to help   other   users   of   the   Site   make   more   informed   decisions. Any   generalized   attempt   to   damage   the   reputation   of   any   product,   service   or   provider   listed   on   the   Site   may   be   removed at   our   sole   discretion   and   you   may   be   held   personally   liable   by   the   individual   or   entity   your   comments   affect.   We   do   not   and   are   not   responsible   for   screening   or   monitoring   material posted   by   you   or   any   other   person   or   entity   in   Interactive Areas.   If   notified   by   one   of   our   users   of   any   material   that   is   alleged   not   to   conform   to   the   terms   of   this Agreement,   we   may investigate   the   allegation   and   determine   in   our   sole   discretion   to   remove   or   request   the   removal   of   the   material.   We   reserve   the   right   to   remove   material   that   is   abusive,   illegal, disruptive,   or   that   otherwise   fails   to   conform   to   this   Agreement.   We   reserve   the   right   to   edit   or   delete   any   material   posted   on   our   Site,   regardless   of   whether   such   material   violates these   standards   for   content.   We   have   no   liability   or   responsibility   to   you   or   any   other   person   or   entity   for   performance   or   nonperformance   of   the   screening   activities   set   forth   above. We   further   do   not   represent,   warrant   or   guarantee   the   truthfulness,   accuracy,   or   reliability   of   any   of   the   material   posted   in   Interactive   Areas.   We   also   do   not   endorse   any   opinions expressed   in   Interactive Areas. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ANY   RELIANCE   ON   CONTENT   POSTED   IN   INTERACTIVE AREAS AND YOUR   USE   OF THOSE AREAS   IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. You   hereby   grant   to   us   a   non-exclusive,   worldwide,   royalty-free,   perpetual   license,   with   right   to   sublicense,   to   reproduce,   distribute,   transmit,   create   derivative   works   of,   publicly display   and   publicly   perform   any   materials   and   other   information   you   submit   to   the   Interactive Areas   by   all   means   and   in   any   media   now   known   or   hereafter   developed   for   any   use   or purpose. 5. Medical Disclaimers The   Content   is   for   informational   and   educational   purposes   only   and   is   not   a   substitute   for   the   professional   judgment   of   the   health   care   professional   in   diagnosing   and   treating patients.   We   do   not   give   medical   advice,   nor   do   we   provide   medical   or   diagnostic   services.   Your   reliance   upon   Content   obtained   by   you   on   or   through   the   Site   is   solely   at   your   own risk.?? 6. Advertisements and Links The   Site   contains   advertisements   and   other   types   of   links   to   third   party   web   sites   (e.g.,   co-branding,   links,   links   to   services,   reference   links   in   Content).   These   third   party   web   sites are   not   under   our   control   and   we   are   not   responsible   for   any   linked   third   party   web   sites   or   for   the   content,   products   and/or   services   they   provide.   YOUR   USE   OF   LINKED   THIRD PARTY   WEB   SITES   IS   AT   YOUR   RISK   AND   SUBJECT   TO   THE   TERMS   AND   CONDITIONS   OF   USE   FOR   SUCH   SITES.   UNLESS   EXPRESSLY   STATED   BY   US,   WE   DO   NOT RECOMMEND   OR   ENDORSE   THE   CONTENT,   PARTICULAR   PRODUCTS,   SERVICES   OR   WEB   SITES   OF ANY   THIRD   PARTIES   OR   MAKE ANY   DETERMINATION   WHETHER ANY   SUCH   CONTENT,   PRODUCT,   SERVICE,   OR   WEB   SITE   MAY   BE ACCURATE,   NECESSARY   OR APPROPRIATE   FOR   YOU   OR   FOR   YOUR   USE   IN   RENDERING   CARE   TO PATIENTS.?We   use   third-party   advertising   companies   to   serve   ads   when   you   visit   our   Web   site.   These   companies   may   use   aggregated   information   (not   including   your   name, address,   email   address   or   telephone   number)   about   your   visits   to   this   and   other   Web   sites   in   order   to   provide   advertisements   about   goods   and   services   of   interest   to   you.   If   you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. 7. General Disclaimers THE   SITE   IS   PROVIDED   TO   YOU   ON AN   "AS   IS,   WITH ALL   FAULTS"   BASIS, AND   YOUR   USE   THEREOF   IS AT   YOUR   OWN   RISK.   WE   MAKE   NO   WARRANTIES   OF ANY   KIND, EITHER   EXPRESS   OR   IMPLIED,   INCLUDING,   WITHOUT   LIMITATION,   THE   IMPLIED   WARRANTIES   OF   MERCHANTABILITY,   FITNESS   FOR A   PARTICULAR   PURPOSE,   TITLE, OR   NON-INFRINGEMENT,   OR   WARRANTIES   ARISING   BY   COURSE   OF   DEALING   OR   CUSTOM   OF   TRADE.   WE   MAKE   NO   REPRESENTATION   OR   WARRANTY   THAT   ANY CONTENT   IS   ACCURATE,   COMPLETE,   APPROPRIATE,   RELIABLE,   OR   TIMELY.   WE   ALSO   MAKE   NO   REPRESENTATIONS   OR   WARRANTIES   THAT   YOUR   ACCESS   TO   AND USE   OF   THE   SITE   (1)   WILL   BE   UNINTERRUPTED   OR   ERROR-FREE,   (2)   IS   FREE   OF   VIRUSES,   UNAUTHORISED   CODE,   OR   OTHER   HARMFUL   COMPONENTS,   OR   (3)   IS COMPLETELY   SECURE.   YOU ARE   RESPONSIBLE   FOR   TAKING ALL   PRECAUTIONS   YOU   BELIEVE   NECESSARY   OR ADVISABLE   TO   PROTECT   YOU AGAINST ANY   CLAIM, DAMAGE,   LOSS   OR   HAZARD   THAT   MAY   ARISE   BY   VIRTUE   OF   YOUR   USE   OF   THE   SITE.   WHEN   USING   THE   SITE,   INFORMATION   WILL   BE   TRANSMITTED   OVER   A MEDIUM   THAT   IS   BEYOND   THE   CONTROL AND   JURISDICTION   OF ADEPT ABILITY   LIMITED AND   ITS   SUPPLIERS. ACCORDINGLY, ADEPT ABILITY   LIMITED ASSUMES   NO LIABILITY   FOR   OR   RELATING   TO   THE   DELAY,   FAILURE,   INTERRUPTION,   OR   CORRUPTION   OF   ANY   DATA   OR   OTHER   INFORMATION   TRANSMITTED   IN   CONNECTION WITH   USE   OF THE   SITE.   Some   jurisdictions   do   not   permit   the   exclusion   or   limitation   of   implied   warranties. Therefore,   only   if   required   by   applicable   law,   some   or   all   of   the   exclusions or limitations above may not apply to you. You may have other rights from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 8. Exclusion of Damages UNDER   NO   CIRCUMSTANCES   WHATSOEVER   WILL   WE   BE   RESPONSIBLE   OR   LIABLE   TO   YOU   OR   ANY   OTHER   ENTITY   FOR   ANY   DIRECT,   COMPENSATORY,   INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL,   CONSEQUENTIAL   (INCLUDING   LOST   PROFITS   AND   LOST   BUSINESS   OPPORTUNITIES),   SPECIAL,   EXEMPLARY,   OR   PUNITIVE   DAMAGES   THAT   RESULT FROM   OR   RELATE   IN   ANY   MANNER   WHATSOEVER   TO   (1)   YOUR   USE   OF   THE   SITE,   OR   RELIANCE   ON   THE   CONTENT,   OR   (2)   ERRORS,   INACCURACIES,   OMISSIONS, DEFECTS,   UNTIMELINESS,   SECURITY   BREACHES,   OR   ANY   OTHER   FAILURE   TO   PERFORM   BY   US   OR   OUR   CONTENT   PROVIDERS.   THE   FOREGOING   EXCLUSION SHALL   APPLY   REGARDLESS   OF   WHETHER   WE   HAVE   BEEN   ADVISED   OF   THE   POSSIBILITY   OF   SUCH   DAMAGES.   Some   jurisdictions   do   not   permit   the   exclusion   of   certain types of damages. Therefore, only if required by applicable law, some or all of the exclusions above may not apply to you. You may have other rights from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 9. Indemnity You   agree   to   defend,   indemnify   and   hold   us   harmless   against   any   losses,   expenses,   costs   or   damages   (including   our   reasonable   attorneys'   fees,   expert   fees'   and   other   reasonable costs   of   litigation)   arising   from,   incurred   as   a   result   of,   or   in   any   manner   related   to   (1)   your   breach   of   the   terms   of   this Agreement,   (2)   your   unauthorised   or   unlawful   use   of   the   Site, and (3) the unauthorised or unlawful use of the Site by any other person using your IDs. 10. Your Privacy Your   use   of   the   Site   is   also   subject   to   the   terms   and   conditions   of   our   Privacy   Policy,   which   are   incorporated   into   this Agreement   by   reference   only.   Please   read   it   carefully   to   ensure that you understand and agree to how we collect, use, and protect information collected about you and your use of the Site. 11. Entire Agreement This   Agreement,   including   our   Privacy   Policy,   contains   the   entire   agreement   between   you   and   us   relating   to   the   subject   matter   hereof,   and   supersedes   any   other   oral   or   written communications   relating   thereto.   This   Agreement   may   not   be   amended   or   supplemented   by   (1)   any   purchase   order   or   similar   form   originated   by   you   relating   to   the   subject   matter hereof, or (2) statements of any of our employees. 12. Termination Your   right   to   access   and   use   the   Site   immediately   terminates   without   further   notice   upon   your   breach   of   this Agreement.   We   may   terminate   this Agreement   and   your   right   to   access and   use   the   Site,   or   any   part   thereof,   at   any   time,   with   or   without   cause.   You   may   terminate   this Agreement   by   providing   us   with   written   notice   of   your   termination   and   ceasing   to   use or   access   the   Site.   The   following   sections   of   this   Agreement   survive   the   expiration   or   termination   of   this   Agreement   for   any   reason   whatsoever:   Intellectual   Property   Ownership, Medical   Disclaimers,   General   Disclaimers,   Exclusion   of   Damages,   Indemnity,   Entire Agreement,   Termination,   and   Other.   We   reserve   the   right   to   discontinue   or   make   changes   to   the Site at any time. 13. Assignment and Enforcement We   may   assign   this Agreement,   in   whole   or   in   part,   in   our   sole   discretion.   You   may   not   assign   your   rights   under   this Agreement   without   our   prior   written   permission. Any   attempt   by you   to   assign   your   rights   under   this   Agreement   without   our   permission   shall   be   void.   The   waiver   by   us   of   a   breach   of   any   provision   of   this   Agreement   shall   not   operate   or   be construed   as   a   waiver   of   any   other   or   a   subsequent   breach   of   the   same   or   a   different   kind.   If   any   provision   of   this Agreement   shall   be   held   by   a   court   of   competent   jurisdiction   to   be contrary to law, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 14. Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement Adept Ability   Limited   respects   the   intellectual   property   of   others.   We   cannot   possibly   monitor   all   the   user   generated   content   on   the   website   and   have   no   responsibility   to   do   so.   If   you believe   that   another   user   has   posted   your   copyrighted   work   in   a   way   that   is   accessible   on   Adept   Ability   Limited   and   constitutes   copyright   infringement,   please   contact   us   to   report possible   copyright   infringement   by   writing   to   Adept   Ability   Limited's   head   office.   When   contacting   us,   please   provide   the   following   information   to   our   legal   agent:   A   full   description   of the   copyrighted   work   that   you   claim   has   been   infringed; The   URL   where   the   material   that   you   claim   is   infringing   is   located   on   the   site; Your   name,   address,   telephone   number,   and   e- mail   address; A   statement   by   you   that   you   have   a   good-faith   belief   that   the   disputed   use   is   not   authorised   by   the   copyright   owner,   its   agent,   or   the   law;   and   a   statement   by   you,   made under   penalty   of   perjury,   that   the   above   information   in   your   notice   is   accurate   and   that   you   are   the   copyright   or   intellectual   property   owner   or   are   authorised   to   act   on   the   copyright   or intellectual   property   owner's   behalf.? Adept Ability   Limited's   legal   agent   can   be   reached   as   follows:?By   e-mail:   c/o Adept Ability   Limited   Legal Agent,?The   Broad   Group   Limited,   Head Office,   54   Rainbow   Hill,   Worcester,   WR3   8NL.?In   the   event   you   are   able   demonstrate   ownership   of   copyrighted   content   which   you   did   not   authorise   another   user   to   publish,   and   you wish   for   the   content   to   be   removed,   Adept   Ability   Limited   will   remove   the   copyrighted   content   from   the   site   or   if   authorised   may   modify   the   content   to   indicate   its   proper   owner including   a   link   to   the   original   owner's   website.??15.   Right   to   Revise   Agreement   at   any   Time??We   may   revise   this   Agreement   or   this   Site   at   any   time   in   our   sole   discretion   without notice. An   amended   form   of Agreement   will   be   effectively   immediately   upon   its   posting   on   this   Site.   You   are   responsible   for   reviewing   the   most   current   form   of   this Agreement   before using   this   Site   to   ensure   that   you   agree   to   any   revisions   to   this   Agreement.   If   at   any   time   you   do   not   agree   to   the   revisions   we   make   to   this   Agreement   or   this   Site,   you   should immediately   stop   accessing   or   using   this   Site   in   any   manner   whatsoever.   Your   continued   use   of   this   Site   means   that   you   accept   those   revisions.   You   agree   that   these   standards   for notice and acceptance of amendments to this Agreement and this Site are reasonable. Last revised: May 4, 2012. Adept Ability Limited. - All rights reserved. Back to top
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